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Luxury RV facilitates multi-million dollar deals with customers daily. That level of trust demands high character and integrity. When you work with the Luxury RV team, you will not only receive a high-end motorhome, but also an unrivaled luxury customer experience.  

We sell new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for business and personal travel nationwide ALL at an incredible wholesale value.


+ Will Luxury RV offer assistance to people facing financial trouble?

Yes, of course. We are the first site to solve this financial challenge with concerned coach owners. Because of our 30 years experience, we've successfully helped owners be able to deal with their bank concerning their motorhome loan. We've recently helped our clients secure special work out plans and short sale plans.

+ Can Luxury RV help with service and warranty work?

Our service and warranty department will do both service and warranty work onsite and nationwide at our affiliates.

+ How can Luxury RV offer such low prices on Class A Motorhomes?

Our model is extremely competitve and built for the customer to win big. Because we are not spending most of our money on buildings and land, we are able to offer you a dramatically reduced price on your Motorhome in the wholesale range rather than retail plus.

+ How much Motorhome experience do you have? What is your track record in customer satisfaction?

Our experience is quite unique to the industry. We have 30 years and millions of miles experience in "buying" and "enjoying" Motorhomes. We offer valuable guidance in how to "buy", "operate", "maintain", and "resell" a Motorhome in proven methods.


+ How about financing? Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer virtually the same finance options as any traditional dealership. Plus, we have 30 years experience in finding the best type of loan tailored to any individual's needs.

+ What type of after the sale support do you offer?

This is one of the keys to you actually enjoying your Motorhome. We offer you technical support assistance by our experts 24/7 so you can understand how to operate all the aspects of your motorhome.

+ Do you offer extended warranties?

We offer virtually the same extended warrants that are available at quality dealerships. We highly recommend one of these warranties as the technology on today's Luxury Motorhome is quite extensive and it is very nice to have help once the manufacture's warranty is over. Often these warranties can be assigned to the purchaser of your Motorhome - which creates a value when you resell.

+ You mention "resell". Do you accept trade in's?

Yes, we do accept trade in's, but have learned how to resell Motorhomes for higher yield. Our business model centers around helping your experience be as cost-effective as possible.



Our team is standing by and ready to help answer any question regarding motorhomes.

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